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At Agosolf we coach and train individuals, teams and organisations to rapidly grow their preferred future to an energising reality. We co-create custom made solutions to customer defined goals. We provide the process and background to positive conversations where the customer determines the content. The customer defines the goals and decides on the resources they will use within their own frame of reference.

Agosolf specialises in organisational development and change management. We collaboratively work with individuals and teams to co-create harmonious, focused and productive teams and environments.

The focus is on what works, on strengths and on the future. The approach is positive, non-threatening, non-blaming and highly interactive. In coaching and training we make use of accelerated learning techniques that promote adult learning and ensure a process that is outcomes based.

Solutions Focus is our preferred approach of working. It is cutting edge change technology in today’s fast paced corporate world. The global village in which we live is complex. Change is continuous and unpredictable. The future is forever emerging. Against this background Solutions Focus offers a toolbox with six very simple tools to manage the complexity of today’s business environment. We offer a clear map for using the six tools to make a positive difference to your particular situation. 


The Solutions Focus approach of Agosolf has various benefits. Evidence based research highlights the following: 

Process Benefits 
  • Fosters real change over a brief period of time 
  • Enhances the setting of clear goals 
  • Quickly adapts to new situations that arise 
  • Creates excellent coach-client alliance and collaboration 
  • Leads to optimistic attitudes and a positive atmosphere 
  • Clients value the emphasis on strengths and on what works 
  • Requires less time to reach good outcomes 
  • Less of a burden on other resources 

Outcome Benefits

  • Quick sustainable results
  • Greater goal focus
  • More shared views
  • More positive statements
  • Significant increase in self-esteem
  • Less exhaustion

Effectiveness Benefits

  • Benefits all socio-economic classes in a multi-cultural society
  • As good as other approaches
  • Releases energy for other challenges than those directly addressed
  • Additional improvements in other areas than those directly addressed
  • Sustainable and continuous progress over time
  • Greater satisfaction in relationships with clients and colleagues

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