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A new paradigm for Leadership

Our world has changed dramatically.  The modern world of the past 500 years is something of the past.  We are in the transition to a postmodern world.  In this postmodern world the focus is on cooperation, tolerance and on ecosystems where our community is seen as a living organism determined by relationships.  Truth is collective and contextual.  Life is all about networking and alliances.  Inclusiveness, commonality, respect and validation of others are the new values in seeking unity amidst the diversity of our global world.

In this new world old leadership styles do not work as well as it used to be.  There is a need for a new approach.  In Host McKergow and Bailey deliver a most needed new approach to leadership for the chaotic and unpredictable world that we live in today. Host addresses this need with elegant simplicity by using the host metaphor for leadership.  It addresses eloquently and clearly the most important problems that leadership is facing in our emergent and complex world today.  It presents a well-integrated approach to an unaccountable amount of obstacles that present themselves to organizations and leadership during this transitional times.

The book is easy to read and very practical.  It builds known truths about leadership and organizations into a useable new frame to meet the new challenges we face.  Chapter four A user’s Guide to the Future as well as the Reflective questions at the end of each chapter makes this a work book.  It will help leaders on all levels of all kinds of organizations to start making an immediate difference that will make a positive difference to the future.  The book is also richly illustrated with actual stories of real experiences to clarify the approach.

Host is academically sound.  McKergow and Bailey are well read.  They have done extensive research.  The book shows off their worldwide coaching experience of business practice and they share it generously with the reader.

I recommend this book with great enthusiasm to everybody.  All of us are leaders somewhere sometime.  You will grow personally as well as a leader.

Stanus Cloete Agosolf Coaching (South Africa)  

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