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Description: John Wheeler

John Wheeler

Solution Focused Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer

Stanus took on the role of second reviewer for my application for full membership of SFCT. Stanus brought to this role thoroughness and a keen eye for the most significant details. Stanus acted with great integrity staying true to the expectations of SFCT and engaged with me in a wholly constructive manner empowering me with a richer understanding of my own abilities.

January 9, 2012, John worked directly with Stanus at AgoSolF Coaching


Description: Anton Stellamans

Anton Stellamans

Partner at Ilfaro

I met Stanus as an active member of the SolWorld and SFCT communities, bodies which promote the Solution Focused approach. On several occasions I had the pleasure to work with Stanus. He gave a well prepared and inspirational workshop on the practice of Lekgotla and African Leadership to a group of our clients. One of them invited Stanus to work with their top management for 2 days in Belgium and their responses were unanimously positive. They praised the high quality of interactions and his capacity to connect with every member of the team. I noticed also that they started using his metaphors and concepts in conversations with us. If you are looking for a great facilitator with a lot of personal impact and leadership, don’t hesitate to ask Stanus. I look forward to working again with him in the future.

November 26, 2012, Anton was with another company when working with Stanus at AgoSolF Coaching


Description: Jean Verstraete

Jean Verstraete

Change manager (HR, Financial, Internal Audit, Operational,…)

I want to formally thank you for a very succesfull and inspiring seminar earlier this year for our management team. Your capacity to create and stimulate a true teamspirit in our team by listening carefully to each one of us, asking precise questions with humor and warmth was very appreciated and effective. Very quickly you got our “work-climate” and facilitated essential skills to improve our working environment. Your carefull preparation and flexibility to change and adapt it to what the process needed, contributed fully to this active and solution focus coaching model. Now we are able to contribute as a group (and not as a group of individuals) in a very tangible and visible way to the changes our merged organisation is facing. Once again, thank you for this stimulating journey.

December 3, 2012, Jean was Stanus’s client



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