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about agosolf

  Name and Logo The name AgoSolF is derived of the Greek word ágõ which means to lead or guide people towards a goal. It is leading or guiding much like a Sherpa and therefore also have the meaning of facilitating people on their life’s journey. The word ágõ is then combined with the words Solution-Focused as used in the coaching approach of Solution-Focused Practices, our preferred way of doing coaching. The nautilus shell in the logo is a living fossil that lives in a chamber for one season and then grows a new chamber. A cross section of the shell will show cycles of growth arranged in a precise Golden Mean spiral. The spiral keeps growing with no design for a final chamber. The cephalopod inside the shell cannot go back to the previous chamber because it will not fit. It cannot stay in the present chamber for then it will die. It has no choice but to go forward. As such the nautilus is a symbol for growth, innovation, renewal and change. At AgoSolF we want to facilitate a process whereby people and organizations can meet the challenges of our fast changing world and progress to a new and innovative future of their choice in a sustainable manner. AgoSolF delivers services to corporate business, NPO’s, individuals and families.  We also do Skype coaching with clients who prefer this method. Mission statement AgoSolF has a passion to make a qualitative difference to the life of the people of South Africa by accelerating the development and growth of individuals and teams in a way that is sustainable. At AgoSolF we believe in people. We believe they have the resources and competencies to fulfil their true potential as human beings. We want to help unleash this potential. Business philosophy AgoSolF believe in people. We focus on people’s competencies rather than their deficits, their strengths rather than their weaknesses, solutions rather than problems and on what is going well rather than what is going wrong. We work from the following premises:
  • Coaching needs to have a goal orientation: A focus on the possible and changeable is more helpful than a focus on the problematic. Analysis of the problem does not necessarily lead to a solution. The focus should be on what is wanted in terms of new beginnings and described in concrete measurable future behaviour.
  • The client is the expert: Most clients already have the recourses, strengths and competencies to get to their preferred solution. The coach’s role is to facilitate a process whereby the client can arrive at his/her preferred future.
  • The client determines what comes onto the table of the coaching session: It’s all about what the client wants. The coach gives guidance to reach an attainable and sustainable goal and makes sure that all influences are considered. The client gives motivation for the change in behaviour.
  • Change is happening all the time: The task of the coach is to help the client to be on the lookout for positive changes so that they can continue in that direction. Small changes within a system can be amplified to great effect. Even rapid change is possible.
  • The future is negotiated and created: Coaches are co-authors in rewriting the client’s success story. The action is in the interaction of all role players. The focus is on tasks rather than insight. We focus on what is observable and describable rather than what is unseen.
  • There is not only one “right” way of looking at things: Different views may fit the facts just as well. We should be careful of being “married” to a preferred model. One size does not fit all.
  • Do not fix what is not broken.
  • Find what works, and do more of it.
  • If it does not work, don’t do more of it: Stop digging the hole deeper.
  • Focus on what fits the client and his/her situation today.
Business values Our business philosophy and practice is driven by our distinctly Christian values with an emphasis on:
  • Love and care for our fellow-man.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Always aiming to do well and do no harm.
  • Mouthpiece for justice.
  • Dignity of all people regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or social standing.
  • Collaboration with our clients.
  • Autonomy of adults to make their own decisions.
  • Responsibility for our choices and actions.
  • Confidentiality.
AgoSolF Coaching is a registered CC 2008/234451/23 B-BBEE Certificate Level Four

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